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  • Who won 152-0 in 2002, the largest margin of victory in an international fixture?
  • The stories behind rugby's best nicknames, like 'Suitcase', 'Raspberry' and 'The Fun Bus'?
  • How the first-ever 'own try' was scored in 2014?

Bringing together history, trivia, amusing anecdotes and fresh insights, this handy volume will be your sweet chariot through the world of the oval ball.

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ISBN/EAN 9781849539999
Author Steven Gauge
Publisher Summersdale
Publication date 9 Mar 2017
Format Hardback
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For the Love of Rugby: A Companion

Steven Gauge
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It may not always be beautiful, but rugby is a glorious game. Whether you're a devoted fan, a keen player or a complete newcomer, there's no other sport where titans clash with so much heart and soul.

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