Asif and Nasir are starting their first day at a new school. The lessons seem okay, and the students are pretty harmless. It's just the teachers, they seem a bit ... alien.

Asif and Nasir team up with Brainy and Evil Vikki to find out what on Earth is going on ...

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ISBN/EAN 9781445157177
Author Tony Lee
Publisher Hachette Books
Imprint Franklin Watts
Publication date 13 Dec 2018
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:EDGE Bandit Graphics: Teacher Creatures (Hardback)

EDGE Bandit Graphics: Teacher Creatures (Hardback)

This title is part of the EDGE: Bandit Graphics series: individual, high-quality, safe, 32-page graphic novels written by New York Times bestselling author Tony Lee, suitable for readers aged 7+.

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