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No one likes to be awakened from a sound sleep, especially not your teddy bear! Practice your reading skills as you learn to read through repetition, word recognition and rhyme, and enjoy the kid-friendly illustrations in this fun book written and illustrated by Penelope Dyan, an award winning author, an attorney and a former teacher who really knows, loves and understands children.

Dyan books are kid tested, and they encourage children to be creative and even to try their own hand at creating their very own books, without even being told to do so. Children are encouraged to shout out the word that comes next in the rhyme, and can see words repeated, meaning if they don't get a word or phrase the first time, they have another chance to get it right! This method creates a built in success! Kids will want to learn and read if they think that learning and reading are fun. And this is the whole point of the Penelope Dyan kids' readers.

For a kid, everything in life should be fun; and Dyan believes we should all remain kids as long as possible. Look for the music video that goes along with this book on the Bellissimavideo YouTube Channel for even more learning fun!

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ISBN/EAN 9781614770947
Author Penelope Dyan
Publisher Bellissima
Publication date 9 Apr 2013
Format Paperback
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Don't Wake Up the Bear!

No one likes to be awakened from a sound sleep, especially not your teddy bear!

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