The park ranger does not. Smackity smack, Ranger pounds a sign into the ground: DON'T FEED THE BEAR! Upset no more chewy cookies? No more juicy burgers? Bear quickly crosses out the "don't."

Now, it's war in the park! But when both Bear and Ranger end up losing out, will the two antagonists finally call a truce? With its delightfully cartoon like pictures and clever wordplay, this picture book will keep kids laughing for hours. 

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ISBN/EAN 9781454946229
Author Kathleen Doherty
Publisher Union Square & Co.
Publication date 2 Aug 2022
Format Paperback
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Don't Feed the Bear

It's Bear vs. Ranger in the funniest food fight ever, in this entertaining picture book. Mac and cheese, carrot cake, meatball stew: Bear loves when campers leave him grub.

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