No one is better than Dr. Marc Bekoff at turning state-of-the-art animal science into practical, reader-friendly information. His subjects include dog care, dog cognition and emotions, and dog-human relationships, and though he has impressive scientific credentials and much technical expertise, this is the accessible book that every dog lover should have. In concise, readable A-through-Z entries, Bekoff covers it all, including:

- Why your dog is doing this and not doing that
- Whether dogs have "human" traits such as jealousy and obsessive-compulsive disorder
- Why it is important to recognize the individuality of each dog, rather than assume that any or all dogs should act or respond in the same way
- Exactly how to meet any dog eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, and ear-to-ear to create enduring reciprocal bonds
- How tuning in to a dog's unique personality busts one-size-fits-all theories and leads to happier dogs and happier human companions

As the saying goes, dogs are many humans' best friends and beloved family members. If that's the case for you -- and whether you are a dog lover, vet, or trainer; whether you have just brought home a puppy or are nursing a senior dog -- Dogs Demystified will answer your questions, unlock mysteries, and foster harmony and happiness for all.

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ISBN/EAN 9781608688166
Author Marc Bekoff
Publisher New World
Publication date 6 Jul 2023
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Dogs Demystified : An A-Z Guide to All Things Canine

Dogs Demystified : An A-Z Guide to All Things Canine

An easy-to-read, all-encompassing, and fun reference on all things canine from an award-winning scientist who has studied and loved dogs (and their wild relatives) for more than five decades.


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