Dachau to the Dolomites is the dramatic but little-known story of a group of prominent Nazi SS hostages transported from various concentration camps to a remote Alpine valley in the final days of the Third Reich. Five Irishmen were among the 160 prisoners whom Himmler and other SS leaders attempted to use as barter to save the regime or, as a final resort, themselves.

As well as eminent international statesmen, aristocrats and clergy, the group contained opposition German generals and civilian relatives of those who had plotted against Hitler, among them the family of Claus von Stauffenberg, who placed the bomb in Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair.

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ISBN/EAN 9781785372254
Author Tom Wall
Publisher Irish Academic Press
Imprint Merrion Press
Publication date 1 Mar 2019
Format Paperback
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Dachau to the Dolomites

Tom Wall
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The Untold Story of the Irishmen, Himmler’s Special Prisoners and the End of WWII

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