Ireland has gone through a period of unprecedented economic and cultural growth and renewal. These changes are due in part to neoliberal policies that have attracted foreign investment.

The globalization of Ireland's economy has had major social consequences. Living standards are rising quickly. Emigration has reversed. Catholicism has been secularized, laws on divorce and sexuality have been liberalized. Ireland has become an urban society for the first time.

But there is stark inequality and social exclusion; epidemics of depression, alcoholism, and obesity; traditional values and community are declining; and there is deep ambivalence towards immigrants. Ireland's economy is globalized, but is Irish society cosmopolitan?

Wealth has increased, but has quality of life improved? The authors explore the developments of the last 15 years, capturing the intensity of the debates that make up the new cosmopolitan multi-cultural Ireland.

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ISBN/EAN 9780745326498
Author Carmen Kuhling and Kieran Keohane
Publisher Pluto Press
Publication date 20 Sep 2007
Format Paperback
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Cosmopolitan Ireland: Globalisation And Quality Of Life

Carmen Kuhling and Kieran Keohane

This book studies the profound effect of globalization on Ireland’s economy and the resulting major social consequences.

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