Everything you need to learn the 349 most essential Chinese characters quickly and efficiently is in this box - our #1 Chinese language learning kit! 349 Flash Cards. A Handy Organizing Ring. Audio Recordings of More than 2000 words and phrases.

Plus a 32-page study booklet. To succeed in mastering Chinese characters, there are just three secrets: begin with the most useful characters, study them in the most effective order, and use repetition galore! Flash cards remain one of the most effective tools for rapid memorization, and Tuttle's flash cards are the best available today. Whether on a train from Beijing to Shanghai or sitting under a tree in Berkeley, you can study Chinese with this well-designed, easy-to-use set of flashcards.

Developed with HSK study and AP test-prep in mind, the front of Tuttle's Chinese Flash Cards give one Chinese character, a stroke order guide, four words and phrases, and look-alike alerts to help avoid confusion. On the reverse is as much information as a dictionary entry: Romanized pronunciation and English meanings, sample sentences for correct usage, plus helpful mnemonics and learning tips. The audio gives native-speaker pronunciations, and a handy organizing ring is the perfect way to keep the cards together when you're on the go.

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ISBN/EAN 9780804842013
Author Philip Yungkin Lee
Publisher Tuttle
Publication date 10 Aug 2012
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Chinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 1 : HSK Levels 1 & 2 Elementary Level

Chinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 1 : HSK Levels 1 & 2 Elementary Level

Philip Yungkin Lee

Characters 1-349 (Online Audio for each word Included) Volume 1.

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