When Charlie Parker was still a boy, his father, a NYPD cop, killed a young couple, a boy and a girl barely older than his son, then took his own life. There was no explanation for his actions.

Stripped of his private investigator's license, and watched by the police, Parker is working in a Portland bar, holding down a job and staying out of trouble. But in the background, he is working on his most personal case yet, an investigation into his own origins and the circumstances surrounding the death of his father, Will. It is an investigation that will reveal a life haunted by lies, by his mother's loss and his father's betrayal, by secrets kept and loyalties compromised.

And by two figures in the shadows, a man and a woman, with only one purpose: to bring an end to Charlie Parker's existence . . .

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ISBN/EAN 9781444704679
Author John Connolly
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Imprint Hodder
Publication date 20 Oct 2001
Format Paperback
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Crime Fiction

Charlie Parker: The Lovers (Book 8)

John Connolly
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Charlie Parker investigates the case of his life in this chilling thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author of The Reapers

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