After being seriously wounded in his pursuit of the Carter brothers, Deputy Marshal Buck Chaney wakes to find himself in the middle of a sheep war in Blanco County, Texas. On one side are the Texas cattlemen who'll do whatever it takes to rid the range of the animals and those who come with them.

On the other is a Mexican family who only wanted to be left alone. Outgunned, Buck sends for help from his brother. But Lance Chaney has problems of his own. The newly appointed sheriff of Comanche County has a killer in his town who is hellbent on blotting out something from his past and wants no remaining witnesses.

The corpses stack up until the main suspect is murdered in jail, with his dying breath he utters the words, "Grand Valley". Now Lance must dig into the past to find a killer before it's too late. Two brothers, counties apart, and fighting a stacked deck. In the end it's only the law that counts. Their law. Chaney Law...

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ISBN/EAN 9781647345037
Author Robert Vaughan
Publisher Wolfpack
Publication date 29 Apr 2020
Format Paperback
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Chaney Law : 4

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