AD 46. Roman army officers Cato and Macro have survived many dangerous missions together. They look out for one another.

They're faithful to their Emperor. And from their men they demand bravery and ruthless efficiency. With the news that Rome's old enemy, Parthia, is poised to unleash its might against the border kingdom of Palmyra, Cato and Macro must embark on a desperate quest to protect the Empire.

Outnumbered and deep in treacherous territory, they will have to endure a pitched battle that will test their courage and loyalty as never before...

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ISBN/EAN 9780755348367
Author Simon Scarrow
Publisher Headline Publishing Group
Imprint Headline
Publication date 7 Aug 2008
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Centurion (Eagles of the Empire Book 8)

Centurion (Eagles of the Empire Book 8)

If you don't know Simon Scarrow, you don't know Rome! Centurion is the action-packed eighth novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of the Empire series.

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