We all feel stuck at times – professionally, personally, financially, emotionally or even just stuck in our own heads. You feel you want more from life but don’t know where to start or what a fulfilled life even looks like. Life coach Mark Fennell has given thousands of clients the tools to shift their thinking and find the motivation they need to break through the feeling of being stuck so that they can move forward and make lasting positive change.

He will help you find a new approach to decision-making, tune into your gut instinct and build a life that has a sense of purpose to discover who you are destined to be.

Mark Fennell is a high-performance life coach, renowned for his deep understanding of the human mind and psychology. In this book, Mark draws from his 20 years of coaching, plus his own experience of being completely stuck, to give readers the stories of people who, like him, were stuck and who – with his help – were able to break through.

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ISBN/EAN 9780717197347
Author Mark Fennell
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 8 Feb 2024
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Break Through : A practical programme for moving from stuck to unstoppable

Break Through : A practical programme for moving from stuck to unstoppable

Mark Fennell
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In this practical and relatable book, Mark provides a roadmap for working through feelings of frustration and helplessness towards a new and purpose-driven future. 

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