Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide teaches every runner, new or experienced, how to master humankind's first true superpower and tap into hidden reserves of strength and stamina. With chapters dedicated to the Free Seven - Food, Fitness, Form, Focus, Footwear, Fun and Family - we learn exactly how to change our biomechanics, clean up our diets, heal our injuries, adapt to healthier footwear, and prepare for our dream challenge.

Packed with advice and inspiring stories from runners who have made the transition, it includes:

- A rock-solid food primer on optimum diet and power-packed On the Run recipes

- Techniques for running with dogs and baby buggies to help you run with the whole family

- 'Perfect Form' exercises that will overhaul your stride in less than ten minutes

- A 90-Day Run Free Programme, designed to give everything you need to run faster and farther, forever.

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ISBN 9781788165815
Author Christopher McDougall, Eric Orton
Publisher Profile
Imprint Souvenir
Publication date 3 Nov 2022
Format Paperback
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Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide

Christopher McDougall, Eric Orton

Born to Run's Chris McDougall and long-time running coach Eric Orton show us how to join the global barefoot running movement and explore the world on our own two feet. 

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