The Irish in World War Two

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  1. Blood On The Banner
    Padraig Og O Ruairc
    The Republican Struggle in Clare
  2. Hitler’s Irish Slaves
    David Blake Knox
    ‘A well-researched book that deserves to be read widely by those interested in a largely forgotten chapter of 20th-century Irish history.’ The Irish Times
  3. Overhead and Over Here (Northern Ireland War Memorial)
    Ernie Cromie
    The Story of American Military Aviation in Northern Ireland During the Second World War
  4. A Time to Risk All
    Clodagh Finn
    The incredible untold story of Mary Elmes, the Irish woman who saved children from Nazi Concentration Camps The new bridge in Cork has been officially named after Mary Elms. Mary’s story was brought to light through Clodagh Finns work on A Time to Risk All.
  5. The Extraordinary Story of Mary Elmes: The Irish Oskar Schindler
    Paddy Butler
    Mary Elmes is the great unsung heroine of modern Ireland. It includes a number of interviews with some of those who owe their lives to Mary Elmes, as well as photographs and a wealth of archival material.
  6. A Bloody Dawn : The Irish at D-Day
    Dan Harvey
    The epic Allied invasion of German-occupied Normandy on D-Day, 6 June 1944, has been extensively chronicled.
  7. Irish Generals: Irish Generals in the British Army in the Second World War
    Richard Doherty
    This book looks at 10 Irishmen who played significant parts in the Allied success in World War II. They are Montgomery, Alexander, Dill, O'Connor, Auchinleck, Russell, Scott, Pile, Templar, and Brooke  
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