Vegetarian Cookery

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  1. Desserts : The Ultimate Cookbook
    Editors of Cider Mill Press
    Tips from industry professionals, detailed breakdowns of ingredients and helpful techniques, and plentiful keto, gluten-free, and vegan options put you in position to succeed, ensuring a happy ending for all. POS
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  2. Superfoods: Recipes & Preparation
    Saskia Fraser
    Special Price €12.99 Regular Price €22.99
    This new book offers extensive advice on how and what to buy, grow, prepare and cook for a super-healthy lifestyle.
  3. Gluten Free: Recipes & Preparation
    Angela Litzinger
    Special Price €19.99 Regular Price €22.99
    If you're gluten intolerant or just following a gluten-free diet, you'll be delighted with our selection of varied and delicious recipes.
  4. Vegan Food: Recipes & Preparation
    Saskia Fraser
    Special Price €12.99 Regular Price €22.99
    Vegan food is everywhere, it's tasty, varied and ethical. Gone are the days when the bland and the brown dominated a vegan's recipe choices.
  5. Keto Diet Includes 3 Manuscripts : intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet Book 2- The Vegan Keto Diet Meal Plan Book 3- Super Easy Vegetarian Keto Cookbook
    Amy Moore
    Are you ready for a massive whole body transformation that doesn’t require you to spend hours at the gym, but still makes you look ripped and cuts through your excess pounds? Do you want that summer body all year long, just by eating the right foods at the right time?
  6. Broke Vegan : Over 100 plant-based recipes that don't cost the earth
    Saskia Sidey
    Sunday Brunch We all want to help do our bit to save the planet by moving towards a plant-based diet, but let's face it: eating vegan can be expensive.
  7. Asian Green : Everyday plant-based recipes inspired by the East
    Ching-He Huang
    Asia has always had an abundance of delicious recipes that are traditionally meat and dairy free. Here, Ching-He Huang MBE draws inspiration from across the continent to create simple, healthy home cooking that everyone can enjoy.
  8. The Plant Power Doctor : A simple prescription for a healthier you
    Dr Gemma Newman
    (Includes delicious recipes to transform your health) 'Dr Gemma is one of the few brave voices in the medical community who is experienced, courageous and confident enough to talk openly about food and its significance in preventing disease to save lives.
  9. Vegan-ish A Gentle Introduction to a Plant-Based Diet
    Holly White
    Special Price €11.50 Regular Price €22.99
    Whether you are already a committed vegan or just curious about this increasingly popular diet which has so many health and environmental benefits, allow Holly White to take you on a mouth-watering journey through her own slow conversion to a plant-based diet.
  10. Speedy BOSH! : Over 100 Quick and Easy Plant-Based Meals in 30 Minutes
    Henry Firth, Ian Theasby (Authors)
    Let vegan food never be called bland, because - honestly? - this might just be their tastiest collection of recipes yet as well as their quickest.
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