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  1. Child Health and Well-being (0-6 years)
    Niamh Gaine
    Comprehensive introduction to all key concepts and practices required for the care, well-being, safety and health of children aged 0–6 years in ELC settings in Ireland.
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  2. Creative Learning and Play
    Sinead E. Kelly, Eilis Flood
    A comprehensive new guide to planning, implementing and reviewing play to promote a child’s learning, creativity and well-being in the ELC setting. Themes and theories are applied to practice throughout.
  3. A Comprehensive Guide to Rehabilitation of the Older Patient (4th Edition)
    Shane O'Hanlon and Marie Smith
    This book will help all health professionals involved in the rehabilitation of older people to provide their patients with the highest possible quality of life and autonomy. Extended Catalogue - available to order - TAKES BETWEEN 1-3 WEEKS FOR ARRIVAL 624 pages
  4. Holistic Care of the Older Person
    Blathnaid O'Donoghue
    Holistic Care of the Older Person (published 2020) is a new and essential text for Care of the Older Person 5N2706, Level 5 Healthcare Support, Health Service Skills, Community Care, Community Health Studies, Nursing Studies (Pre-Nursing) and for any course where healthcare is a component.
  5. Conditions in Occupational Therapy : Effect on Occupational Performance
    Dr.Ben PhD Atchison, Dr.Diane PhD Dirette (Authors)
    Now in its 5th Edition, Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance is now fully aligned with the DSM-5 and Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 3rd edition, reflects the most current research and brings in 5 new chapters covering conditions your students will see in practice.
  6. Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy (Thirteenth, International Edition)
    Barbara Schell, Glen Gillen (Authors)
    An ideal reference, this market-leading text provides the most comprehensive and current presentation of occupational therapy concepts and practice.
  7. Occupational Therapy : Performance, Participation, and Well-Being
    Edited by:Charles H. Christiansen, Carolyn M. Baum, Julie D. Bass
    A comprehensive occupational therapy textbook that introduces students to core knowledge in the profession and the foundations of practice - the occupations, person factors, and environment factors that support performance, participation, and well-being. Weight:2158g
  8. Essential Entomology : An Order-by-Order Introduction
    George C. McGavin
    An up-to-date order-by-order introduction and reference handbook for students of biological sciences in general and entomology in particular.
  9. Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    Berni Curwen, Stephen Palmer, Peter Ruddell
    This timely new edition describes how to use cognitive behaviour therapy successfully with clients in a brief, time-limited way. Cognitive behavioural therapy
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