This is the gripping story of the turbulent yet enduring and loving marriage of John Mitchel and Jenny Verner. Their courtship was opposed by both families and their elopement and marriage caused public consternation, but this remarkable couple went on to live through and influence the politics of mid-nineteenth century Ireland and the United States.

Both ardent supporters of physical force Republicanism and also of the American Confederates, their story spans the landscape of Ulster, of Europe, the Americas and Van Diemen’s Land on a journey through the Great Famine, the American Civil War, Fenianism, revolution and deportation. Beset by tragedies within their family life, theirs was a world of paradox and adventure counter-pointed by sacrifice to shared political ideals.

Controversially, their enthusiastic support of the institution of slavery is a subject Anthony Russell meets head on in his evocation of the period and its context.

Destined to be separated by death in different continents, Mitchel and Verner’s heroic relationship is sympathetically documented and analysed in this engaging and captivating story.

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ISBN/EAN 9781785370007
Author Anthony Russell
Publisher Merrion
Publication date 15 May 2015
Format Paperback
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Between Two Flags: John Mitchel & Jenny Verner

A uniquely romantic account of the love & marriage of Irish nationalist activist, solicitor and political journalist John Mitchel, to Jenny Verner. Between Two Flags is the compelling story of two remarkable yet flawed people, who endured great tragedy, and were both supporters of physical force Irish republicanism.

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