Sometime around now, Georgia Madden (who used to be Georgie) flees her Dublin home, embarking on a road trip spiked with the hidden dangers of her past and her present. In the 1970s, as the Madden family begins to disintegrate, a disruptive stranger arrived who will bind them, briefly.

While the underground bomb ticks down, an elderly German woman, Anna Bauer, recounts her own war story to a film crew. And all along, fizzing and popping in a parallel reality, we, the 'visitors', are led through an unsettling and volatile Museum of Curiosities. The past crosses and weaves with the present; generations are bound together and cleaved apart; future selves remember and forget who they once were.

Forgiveness is sought, offered and withheld - and as they unspool, the fragmented lives of four people become a haunting whole, where time is unknowable.

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ISBN/EAN 9781848405066
Author Mia Gallagher
Publisher New Island
Publication date 29 Apr 2016
Format Paperback
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Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland

Visitors are reminded that they are about to enter the Wunderkammer, a floating chamber where normal spacetime conventions no longer apply...' A bomb blast in the London Underground rips through space and time, unearthing four stories that whirl, collide and pass each other by. 

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