Meanwhile, Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osborn descends into madness, paranoia and a certain green costume. The first appearance of the Punisher raises the tension even higher, while the nefarious Jackal draws up schemes that will forever change the web-slinger's life! Also featuring the introduction of the hilarious Human Torch-built Spider-Mobile; the shocking wedding of Aunt May and Doctor Octopus; the Tarantula, Mysterio and so much more!

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ISBN/EAN 9781302933500
Author Gerry Conway
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date 19 Jul 2022
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:Amazing Spider-man Epic Collection: Man-wolf At Midnight

Amazing Spider-man Epic Collection: Man-wolf At Midnight

There's no questioning it, Peter Parker has never had it easy, but when the Parker luck is in full effect, you know it means epic Spider-Man adventures! A new era of villains keeps the bad luck streak alive when Col. John Jameson's is marked by the werewolf's curse becoming the Man-Wolf.

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