A New History of Ireland is the largest scholarly project in modern Irish history. In 9 volumes, it provides a comprehensive new synthesis of modern scholarship on every aspect of Irish history and prehistory, from the earliest geological and archaeological evidence, through the Middle Ages, down to the present day.

Volume II opens with a character study of medieval Ireland and a panoramic view of the country c.1169, followed by nineteen chapters of narrative history, with a survey of `Land and People, c.1300'. There are further chapters on Gaelic and colonial society, economy and trade, literature in Irish, French, and English, architecture and sculpture, manuscripts and illuminations, and coinage.

Readership: Scholars and students of medieval history and historians of Ireland


F. X. Martin: Introduction

1: F. J. Byrne: The Trembling Sod: Ireland in 1169

2: F. X. Martin: Diarmit Mac Murchada and the Coming of the Anglo-Normans

3: F. X. Martin: Allies and an Overlord, 1169-72

4: F. X. Martin: Overlord Becomes Feudal Lord

5: F. X. Martin: John, Lord of Ireland, 1185-1216

6: James Lydon: The Expansion and Consolidation of the Colony, 1265-54

7: James Lydon: The Years of Crisis, 1254-1315

8: R. E. Glasscock: Land and People, c.1300

9: James Lydon: A Land of War

10: James Lydon: The Impact of the Bruce Invasion, 1315-27

11: J. A. Watt: Approaches to the History of Fourteenth-Century Ireland

12: J. A. Watt: Gaelic Polity and Cultural Identity

13: J. A. Watt: The Anglo-Irish Colony Under Strain, 1327-99

14: K. W. Nicholls: Gaelic Society and Economy

15: Kevin Down: Colonial Society and Economy

16: Wendy Childs and Timothy O'Neill: Overseas Trade

17: Art Cosgrove: England and Ireland, 1399-1447

18: Art Cosgrove: The Emergence of the Pale, 1399-1447

19: Art Cosgrove: Anglo-Ireland and the Yorkist Cause, 147-60

20: Art Cosgrove: Ireland Beyond the Pale, 1399-1460

21: D. B. Quinn: Aristocratic Autonomy, 1460-94

22: D. B. Quinn: 'Irish' Ireland and 'English' Ireland

23: D. B. Quinn: The Hegemony of the Earls of Kildare

24: D. B. Quinn: The Reemergence of English Policy as a Major Factor in Irish Affairs, 1520-34

25: James Carney: Literature in Irish, 1169-1534

26: Alan Bliss and Joseph Long: Literature in Norman French and English to 1534

27: Edwin C. Rae: Architecture and Sculpture, 1169-1603

28: Françoise Henry and Geneviève Marsh-Micheli: Manuscripts and Illuminations, 1169-1603

29: Michael Dolley: Coinage, to 1534: The Sign of the Times

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ISBN/EAN 9780199539703
Author Edited by Art Cosgrove
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date 20 Aug 2011
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Irish National History

A New History of Ireland II: Medieval Ireland 1169-1534

Edited by Art Cosgrove

Second volume in the magisterial A New History of Ireland series. Definitive scholarly history of Ireland in the medieval period, covering a wide range of topics


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