It doesn't take long for the pair to warm up to each other, and soon, they're inseparable. Told through the eyes of both the man and his cat, this sweet and hilarious story is a balm for the soul! As if the Kanda house wasn't full to the rafters already, the fur flies as Mr. Kanda's surly son, Hoshinari, comes home to muscle his way into Moriyama's band!

But another person in the house means another lap to sit on and more hands to be pet with, so Fukumaru should be over the moon, right?! Turns out he's anything but! Everyone's too busy with the kittens to pay Fukumaru any attention! As despair sets in, will Fukumaru find a way to regain his place in his very own home?!

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ISBN/EAN 9781646091157
Author Umi Sakurai
Publisher Square Enix
Imprint Square Enix
Publication date 25 Jan 2022
Format Paperback
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A Man And His Cat (Book 5)

In this best-selling, heartwarming tale, a lonely older man takes home a pet-shop kitten that no one else wants. 

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