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  1. The Complete Encyclopedia of Horse Racing
    Bill Mooney, George Ennor, Chris Hawkes
    Special Price €17.50 Regular Price €34.99
    The Illustrated Guide to Flat Racing and Steeplechasing
  2. Running with Sherman : The Donkey Who Survived Against All Odds and Raced Like a Champion
    Christopher McDougall
    When barefoot running guru Christopher McDougall takes in a neglected donkey, his aim is to get Sherman back to reasonable health.
  3. Horse Crazy : The Story of a Woman and a World in Love with an Animal
    Sarah Maslin Nir
    It may surprise you to learn that there are over seven million horses in America-even more than when they were the only means of transportation-and nearly two million horse owners.
  4. The Complete Horse Racing Collections
    Special Price €15.00 Regular Price €29.99
    4 DVD and Magazine Collection.
  5. True Colours (Paperback)
    Barry Geraghty, Niall Kelly (Contributor)
    Barry Geraghty, an Irish horseracing legend. From his first win in 1997 to when he retired in July 2020, he rode almost 2,000 winners, making him the fourth most accomplished rider of all time.True Colours reflects on a life steeped in horse racing, brilliantly capturing the irreplaceable buzz, the adrenaline, and the toll the highs and lows to
  6. Freestyle : The Ultimate Guide to Riding, Training and Competing to Music
    Sandra Beaulieu
    Music has long been part of esteemed equestrian traditions-consider the classical tones of the over-500-year-old Spanish Riding School and the Verdi purported to play at deafening volumes from the arena of Portuguese master Nuno Oliveira.
  7. Diane Crump : A Horse-Racing Pioneer's Life in the Saddle
    Mark Shrager
    In 1968, a few women, mockingly labeled "jockettes" by a skeptical press, had begun demanding the right to apply for jockey licenses, citing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which banned discrimination in hiring based on race, religion, sex, or national origin.
  8. Art of Riding : Classical Dressage to High School
    Philippe Karl
    In this new edition, French riding master Philippe Karl writes about training horses from a very personal perspective.
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