Early Church History

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  1. The Best Catholics in the World : The Irish, the Church and the End of a Special Relationship
    Derek Scally
    When Dubliner Derek Scally goes to Christmas Eve Mass on a visit home from Berlin, he finds more memories than congregants in the church where he was once an altar boy. Not for the first time, the collapse of the Catholic Church in Ireland brings to mind the fall of another powerful ideology - East German communism.
  2. The Churches The Apostles Left Behind
    Raymond E. Brown
    A distinguished scholar looks at seven different New Testament churches after the death of the apostles. BOOK SLIGHTLY SHOP SOILED - HENCE THE CHEAPER PRICE.
  3. The King and the Catholics : The Fight for Rights 1829
    Lady Antonia Fraser
    The story of Catholic Emancipation begins with the violent Anti-Catholic Gordon Riots in 1780, fuelled by the reduction in Penal Laws against the Roman Catholics harking back to the sixteenth century.
  4. God : A Human History
    Reza Aslan
    In God, Reza Aslan sheds new light on mankind's relationship with the divine and challenges our perspective on the history of faith and the birth of religion.
  5. The Pastoral Epistles: A Study Guide to the Epistles of I and II Timothy and Titus
    Edward Musgrave Blaiklock
    Dr. Blaiklock's penetrating analysis and exposition of the writings of the Apostle Paul have given him a well-deserved place of prominence among biblical scholars. Book cover slightly shop soiled with faded spine, hence the cheaper price.
  6. Inquisition : The Reign of Fear
    Toby Green
    Everybody has heard of the Inquisition. It was an institution that pursued heretics, philandering priests and sexual deviants in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America for a period of over 350 years, changing its focus with the times and enduring stubbornly into the nineteenth century. BOOK OUT OF PRINT - OUR LAST COPY
  7. Irish Anglicanism, 1969-2019 : Essays to mark the 150th anniversary of the Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland
    Edited by Paul Harron , Kenneth Milne
    For three centuries following the Reformation the Church of Ireland was the 'Established Church' (the state Church) of the country.
  8. Households of God : The Regular Canons and Canonesses of St Augustine and Premontre in Medieval Ireland
    Edited by:Martin Browne, Colman O Clabaigh
    This interdisciplinary collection of essays, the proceedings of the 2017 Glenstal History Conference, examines the role of Regular Canons and Canonesses who followed the rule of St Augustine in Ireland from their emergence as an expression of the Vita Apostolica in the Twelfth Century to the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the Tudor period.
  9. Jonathan Swift and the Church of Ireland, 1710-1724
    Christopher Fauske
    In the years between 1714 and 1724, Jonathan Swift published little. 1st Edition
  10. The cultural reception of the Bible : Explorations in theology, literature and the arts
    Edited by Salvador Ryan , Liam M. Tracey
    The Bible is undoubtedly the most influential 'book' that the world has ever known.
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