The Great Famine

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  1. The End of Hidden Ireland: Rebellion, Famine, and Emigration
    Robert Scally
    Special Price €26.99 Regular Price €32.99
    Many thousands of Irish peasants fled from the country in the terrible famine winter of 1847-48, following the road to the ports and the Liverpool ferries to make the dangerous passage across the Atlantic. 
  2. The Darkness Echoing : Exploring Ireland's Places of Famine, Death and Rebellion
    Dr Gillian O'Brien
    Special Price €9.99 Regular Price €17.99
    The Irish Times Top 10 Bestseller! From war to revolution, famine to emigration, The Darkness Echoing travels around Ireland bringing its dark past to life.
  3. A Pocket History of the Irish Famine
    Tony Potter
    This book explains what happened before and during the Famine, with an account of the consequences of this epic tragedy.
  4. Surplus People: From Wicklow to Canada
    Jim Rees
    The Great Famine in Ireland was a catastrophe of immense proportions. This book explores this tragedy, from why the clearances occurred to who went where and how some families fared in Canada.
  5. The Great Hunger : Ireland 1845-1849
    Cecil Woodham Smith
    It explains much in modern Ireland - and in modern America' - D.W. Brogan.
  6. The Preacher and the Prelate: The Achill Mission Colony and the Battle for Souls in Famine Ireland
    Patricia Byrne
    This is the extraordinary story of an audacious fight for souls on famine-ravaged Achill Island during the nineteenth century. The flood of hostility between Edward Nangle and John MacHale exposes the fault-lines of religion, society and politics in nineteenth-century Ireland.
  7. The Killing of Major Denis Mahon : A Mystery of Old Ireland
    Peter QC Duffy
    Special Price €8.99 Regular Price €11.99
    At the height of the Irish Famine, now considered the greatest social disaster to strike nineteenth-century Europe, Anglo-Irish landlord Major Denis Mahon was assassinated as he drove his carriage through his property in County Roscommon. Now, for the first time, award-winning journalist Peter Duffy tells the story of this assassination and its
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