Pregnancy & Childcare

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  1. Why Induction Matters
    Rachel Reed
    In modern maternity systems one in four women have their labour induced. Why Induction Matters provides a comprehensive, evidence-based guide to this common intervention.
  2. The Gentle Potty Training Book : The calmer, easier approach to toilet training
    Sarah Ockwell-Smith
    'A practical guide to helping your child through one of the most important developmental stages of early childhood' - Green Parent Book of the Month
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  3. Infertility, IVF and Miscarriage: The Simple Truth
    Sean Watermeyer
    Special Price €8.79 Regular Price €10.99
    For anyone struggling to conceive or have a child naturally, this straightforward self-help book could be the answer.
  4. Babies : Haynes Explains
    Boris Starling
    Special Price €6.99 Regular Price €9.99
    Written by bestselling author Boris Starling, Babies is one of the first titles in the brand new Haynes Explains series.
  5. Vaccines : Making the Right Choice for Your Child
    Richard Halvorsen
    Fourth updated and expanded edition of the parents' bible to childhood vaccinations.
  6. Weaning : New Edition - What to Feed, When to Feed and How to Feed your Baby
    Annabel Karmel
    Wean your baby confidently and safely, with guidance from bestselling baby and child nutrition author, Annabel Karmel.
  7. An Intimate History of Premature Birth : And What it Teaches Us About Being Human
    Sarah DiGregorio
    Inspired by Sarah DiGregorio's harrowing experience giving birth to her premature daughter, An Intimate History of Premature Birth is a compelling and empathetic blend of memoir and rigorous reporting that tells the story of neonatology - and explores the questions raised by premature birth.
  8. The Modern Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
    Marie Louise
    'Marie Louise is a dream come true for any parent with her uncanny ability to simplify the most important and complicated questions 'Emma Bunton, co-founder of Kit and Kin.
  9. Yoga Sadhana for Mothers : Shared experiences of Ashtanga yoga, pregnancy, birth and motherhood
    Sharmila Desai, Anna Wise
    The first book dedicated to the subject of Ashtanga yoga, pregnancy, birth and motherhood. This in-depth book offers the guidance, shared wisdom and practical advice that every student and teacher of Ashtanga yoga needs for the journey to motherhood and beyond.
  10. Pregnant Then Screwed : The Truth About the Motherhood Penalty and How to Fix It
    Joeli Brearley
    Joeli is one of the most tenacious and impressive campaigners I know, and her work has had a massive positive impact on the lives of thousands of women.
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