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  1. Wonderland Dance Shoes For GG Stage 2 Book 3 (1st Class)
    Fiona Holmes
    Wonderland Series. Combines proven research-based instruction with fun-filled relevant stories all set in the magical town of Wandsville.
    Out of Stock
  2. Skills Book F stage 2 (Starways)
    C J Fallon
    A series of graded Skills Books, offering a comprehensive range of activities for 1st and 2nd classes.
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  3. My Read at Home 1: New Edition (1st Class)
    Richard Byrne, John Newman
    The My Read at Home: New Edition reader series is designed to develop pupils’ interest in and enjoyment of literature and to enhance their fluency by promoting daily reading practice.
  4. Supporting Writing Skills: For Ages 6-7
    Andrew Brodie, Judy Richardson
    Special Price €16.99 Regular Price €21.99
    This book, like Supporting Literacy, builds on Andres Brodie's aptitude for making things really straightforward for less able pupils. 
  5. My Read at Home (Book 1)(Old edition)
    Special Price €7.99 Regular Price €15.20
    The My Read at Home Book series develops reading fluency and comprehension skills by encouraging daily and independent reading at home. The series consists of six books: My Read at Home Book 1 – 6 As this is an independent series, it can be used in conjunction with any reading programme.
  6. New Wave Handwriting (1st Class)
    The New Wave Handwriting series helps pupils develop a fluid and legible modern style of cursive handwriting.
    Out of Stock
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