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  1. Know Your Place: An Exploration of the Place Names of Ireland
    Seoirse Ó Dochartaigh
    Special Price €10.99 Regular Price €12.99
    In the course of this exploration, the book provides some insight and enlightenment, and, perhaps, offered a challenge to some long-held erroneous interpretations. The exploration of the place names of Ireland is a never-ending story.
  2. Northern Protestants: On Shifting Ground
    Susan McKay
    Special Price €15.99 Regular Price €19.99
    Twenty years on from her critically acclaimed book, 'Northern Protestants: An Unsettled People', Susan McKay talks again to the Protestant community in Northern Ireland.
  3. The Kindness Advantage : Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children
    Dale Atkins, Amanda Salzhauer
    Special Price €11.89 Regular Price €16.99
    In a world where kindness is so greatly needed, The Kindness Advantage offers inspiration and activities to teach kids empathy, inspire a culture of compassion and connection, and empower children to make a difference in their community and the world.
  4. 32 Counties : The Failure of Partition and the Case for a United Ireland
    Kieran Allen
    Overturning conventional narratives, 32 Counties evokes the tradition of James Connolly and calls for an Irish unity movement from below to unite the North and the Republic into a secular, socialist and united Ireland.
  5. Ireland's Economic History : Crisis and Development in the North and South
    Gerard McCann
    Special Price €13.99 Regular Price €19.99
    This book explores the complex developments that have shaped Ireland's economic development, north and south, and led to recurring crises and instability.
  6. The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls
    Mona Eltahawy
    Special Price €12.99 Regular Price €15.00
  7. Diverse Republic
    Bryan Fanning
    Diverse Republic examines, as part of a wider focus on how immigration has changed Irish society, the emergence of antiimmigrant far-right groups through a focus on some key figures within these. It also considers the response of mainstream politics to immigration and examines efforts to encourage the integration of newcomers.
  8. A Judgement Too Far? : Judicial Activism and the Condition
    A Judgement Too Far? : Judicial Activism and the Condition
    A Judgement too Far? attempts to bridge the gap in our understanding of the implications of policy reform as mediated by the court system.
  9. Unintended Consequences: The Story of Irish Immigration to the U.S. and How America’s Door was Closed to the Irish
    Ray O’Hanlon
    The first comprehensive history of Irish emigration to the United States and how radical changes to US immigration policy in the 1960s led to the ‘undocumented’ Irish community. By award-winning Irish American journalist, author, broadcaster and Irish Echo editor, Ray O’Hanlon.
  10. A Dangerous Visionary
    Eddie O’Connor
    Special Price €17.99 Regular Price €19.99
    “I started dedicating my working life to decarbonisation more than 30 years ago...” Former CEO of Bord na Móna and Airtricity, and founding member of Mainstream Renewable Power, Irish energy industry leader Eddie O’Connor has always been a visionary.
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