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  1. Birds of Paradise
    Lorna Scobie
    Fly away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and lose yourself in the paradisiacal world of colour. Using a mixture of repeat bird patterns and motifs as well as more intricate bird life scenes, these beautifully illustrated designs will help your mind to focus and to exercise your inner creativity.
  2. Art at Home
    Lorna Scobie
    Art At Home is the wonderful new activity book by best-selling illustrator Lorna Scobie, filled with 200 engaging art activities for children.
  3. 365 Days of Creativity : Inspire Your Imagination with Art Every Day
    Lorna Scobie
    365 Days of Creativity is a thoughtful and inspiring book designed to help you carve out moments of self-expression and unlock your creative potential.
  4. Electroplating : 11
    Jack Poyner
    The techniques of depositing a thin metallic layer on an object for decoration, corrosion protection, electrical conductivity, wear resistance and so on have been known for many years but have been developed and improved to a remarkable extent in the second half of this century.
  5. Basket Essentials : Rib Basket Weaving: Techniques and Projects for DIY Woven Reed Baskets
    Lora S. Irish
    Go beyond just following the steps and learn the methods to traditional basket weaving.
  6. Award-Winning Basket Designs: Techniques and Patterns For All Levels
    Pati English
    Explore the art of basketry in this idea-filled book for weavers at all levels.
  7. New Crafts: Basketwork : 25 Practical Basket-making Projects for Every Level of Experience
    Polly Pollock
    This title features 25 practical basket-making projects for every level of experience. The beauty of traditional basketwork is shown in 25 contemporary projects. OUR LAST COPY
  8. Mixed Fiber Macrame : Create Handmade Home Decor with Unique, Modern Techniques Featuring Colorful Wool Roving, Ribbons, Cords, Raffia and Rattan Baskets
    Chantel Conlon
    Learn to take a new spin on the popular craft of modern macrame with Chantel Conlon's inspired mixed fiber designs that are anything but ordinary.
  9. Cute Crocheted Wild Animals
    Emma Varnam
    These crocheted animals may be wild but they are very well-dressed. The ten adorable crocheted chums have enviable wardrobes to mix and match.
  10. Cute Crocheted Woodland Creatures
    Emma Varnam
    NYP. Immerse yourself in a magical woodland with these exciting crocheted critters! Featuring 10 charming animals to make, you'll find it tricky to choose who to make first!
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