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  1. The Invention of Nature : The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science
    Andrea Wulf
    Costa & Royal Society Prize Winner. Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) is the great lost scientist - more things are named after him than anyone else.
  2. Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought A.I. to Google, Facebook, and the World
    Cade Metz
    Special Price €19.99 Regular Price €23.99
    The definitive account of the race to create artificial intelligence 'This colourful page-turner puts artificial intelligence into a human perspective . . . Metz explains this transformative technology and makes the quest thrilling.'  Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs
  3. Odd Science : Brilliant Bodies
    James Olstein
    Special Price €10.39 Regular Price €12.99
    Odd Science: Brilliant Bodies is filled with weird and wacky facts that you've never heard before.
  4. Cool Science Tricks : 50 Fantastic feats for kids of all ages
    Daniel Tatarsky
    Special Price €10.39 Regular Price €12.99
    Just some of the tricks barely contained within the book are Smoking Fingers!, Cola can-can!, Visible Sound Waves!, Disappearing Coins and ... the trick where you achieve the impossible with just a piece of paper! And many, many more!
  5. Cool Physics: Filled with Fantastic Facts for Kids of All Ages
    Sarah Hutton
    Special Price €10.39 Regular Price €12.99
    An amazing guide to the wonders of physics, handily broken down into accessible bite-sized chunks.
  6. Breathing : An Inspired History
    Edgar Williams
    Breathing extra oxygen has allowed us to conquer Everest, travel to the Moon, and dive to greatest ocean depths. We all seek fresh air and expect clean air to breathe, but with air pollution increasing this expectation is no longer being met. Today, airborne ailments like COVID-19 are causing disasters on a global scale. This is the s
  7. A Species of Delusion : The Inspectors of Irish Fisheries, 1819–2019
    Noël P. Wilkins
    A Species of Delusion? The Inspectors of Irish Fisheries, 1819–2019 tells the story of how the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries were established, who they were, how they functioned, and their contribution to the present-day management and regulation of Irish fisheries.
  8. Never Mind the B#ll*cks, Here’s the Science
    Luke O'Neill
    A scientist’s guide to the biggest challenges facing our species today REPRINTING. DUE BACK IN NOVEMBER. PRE-ORDER
  9. Entangled Life
    Merlin Sheldrake
    'A dazzling, vibrant, vision-changing book. I ended it wonderstruck at the fungal world.
  10. The Design of Everyday Things
    Donald A. Norman
    A fully updated and expanded edition of Don Norman's classic and influential work, which pioneered the application of cognitive science to design. Ergonomics . LAST COPY
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