Economics in Ireland

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  1. Ireland's Economic History : Crisis and Development in the North and South
    Gerard McCann
    Special Price €13.99 Regular Price €19.99
    This book explores the complex developments that have shaped Ireland's economic development, north and south, and led to recurring crises and instability.
  2. Renaissance Nation : How the Pope's Children Rewrote the Rules for Ireland
    David McWilliams
    In four decades, bookended by the Pope's visits to Ireland in September 1979 and August 2018, Ireland has become one of the wealthiest and most progressive nations in the world, a bustling home to multinationals and start-ups, seemingly immune to the strains of radical populism sweeping the Western world.
  3. TAB Guide 2019
    In today's Ireland the TAB guide remains an essential annual assistant for all your financial issues This highly practical guide, written in a very accessible style, is a must have companion for those who want to protect their money and make it work as hard as they do.
  4. Currency, Credit and Crisis : Central Banking in Ireland and Europe
    Patrick Honohan
    Studies in Macroeconomic History. Currency, Credit and Crisis seeks to provide a coherent perspective on the functions of a central bank in a small country by assessing the way in which Ireland's financial crisis from 2010 to 2013 was handled. Temporarily out of stock, due soon
  5. Austerity and Recovery in Ireland: Europe's Poster Child and the Great Recession
    Edited by William K. Roche, Philip J. O'Connell, and Andrea Prothero
    A systematic analysis of the Great Recession, austerity, and subsequent recovery in Ireland Up to date analysis provides new information on the recovery Unique collection of chapters, each authored by experts in their fields Systematic assessment of the impact of the austerity programme Examines the effects o
  6. Social and Economic Rights in Ireland
    Claire-Michelle Smyth
    This book provides a detailed examination of social and economic rights in Ireland.
  7. The Economy of Ireland: Policy-Making in a Global Context
    John O'Hagan, Francis O'Toole
    The thirteenth edition of the successful textbook The Economy of Ireland should be of interest to not just third-level students but a wide lay audience.
  8. The Best is Yet to Come
    Marc Coleman
    Unleashing Ireland's Potential
  9. Shaping Things to Come: Creating Alternative Enterprises
    Colin Coulson-Thomas
    Shaping Things to Come is for innovators, explorers and pioneers who dare to be different.
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