Contemporary Architecture

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  1. Rooms: Create the Home You Want for Your Life
    Declan O'Donnell
    Special Price €8.99 Regular Price €14.99
    In Rooms, award-winning architect Declan O'Donnell shows us how we can release our inner designer to create a home that works for the way we live.
  2. Raising the Roof : Women Architects Who Broke Through the Glass Ceiling
    Agata Toromanoff
    Historically, women architects were disappointingly absent in the news and at awards ceremonies, but now they are spearheading some of the most exciting and important projects in every corner of the globe.
  3. Michael Warren: Light, Gravity and Distance
    Michael Warren
    "Although clearly concerned with formal Modernist qualities such as texture, surface, weight equilibrium and balance, at the core of Michael Warren's art lies something far less tangible - an examination of what it means for human beings to be in the world...."
  4. Modern Architecture
    Alan Colquhoun
    This new account of international modernism explores the complex motivations behind this revolutionary movement and assesses its triumphs and failures.
  5. Building Brands : Corporations and Modern Architecture
    Grace Ong Yan
    >Between the Stock Market Crash and the Vietnam War, American corporations were responsible for the construction of thousands of headquarters across the United States. Over this time, the design of corporate headquarters evolved from Beaux-Arts facades to bold modernist expressions.<
  6. Modern Architecture : A Critical History
    Kenneth Frampton
    This highly acclaimed survey of modern architecture and its origins has become a classic since it first appeared in 1980, and has helped to shape architectural practice and discourse worldwide.<
  7. Landscape Architecture Frontiers 045 : Nature-Based Solutions and Urban Resilience
    ORO Editions
    Living in a world beset by rising sea level, floods in urban and suburban areas, air pollution, and food security risks, it is urgent to mitigate threats by adapting to climate change.
  8. Julia Watson. Lo-TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism
    Julian Watson
    Three hundred years ago, intellectuals of the European Enlightenment constructed a mythology of technology. Influenced by a confluence of humanism, colonialism, and racism, this mythology ignored local wisdom and indigenous innovation, deeming it primitive. 420 pages
  9. Life Between Buildings : Using Public Space
    Jan Gehl
    The book carried an appeal to show concern for the people who were to move about between buildings, and it urged an understanding of the subtle, almost indefinable - but definite - qualities, which have always related to the interaction of people in public spaces, and it pointed to the life between buildings as a dimension of architecture that
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