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You'll learn how to expand your awareness, manage your mind, take charge of your emotions, meet your needs in healthy ways, have a crystal-clear philosophy for the purpose of your life, understand that everything is interconnected, and how to make your life more enjoyable by enhancing the lives of others.

You'll light up and lighten up, leading more from your heart than your ego, being focused on feeling fulfilled by being useful. By following the steps, you will change the filter through which you experience life and by changing the filter, everything will look different.

Changing your life isn't that complicated when you know how, and when you know how, you don't need therapy.

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ISBN/EAN 9781913532253
Author Alan Lucas
Publisher Whitefox
Imprint Beak Street Publishing
Publication date 12 Jan 2021
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:You Don't Need Therapy : 7 Steps to Sort Your Sh*t Out

You Don't Need Therapy : 7 Steps to Sort Your Sh*t Out

The SYSO System is a one stop self-improvement system that can be applied wherever you are on your journey. You can change your life by following 7 simple steps and the book's 70 practical exercises help you DO the changing, rather than just read about it. 

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