Chasing a dream of wealth and freedom, Raythe Vyre's ragtag caravan of refugees from imperial oppression went off the map, into the frozen wastes of the north. What they found there was beyond all their expectations: Rath Argentium, the legendary city of the long-vanished Aldar, complete with its fabled floating citadel. Even more unexpectedly, they encountered the Tangato, the remnants of the people who served the Aldar, who are shocked to learn that they're not alone in the world - and hostile to Raythe's interlopers.

What awaits Raythe's people in the haunted castle that floats above them, the lair of the last Aldar King? Everlasting wealth - or eternal damnation?

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ISBN/EAN 9781529402094
Author David Hair
Publisher Quercus
Publication date 7 Jun 2022
Format Paperback
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You're reviewing:World's Edge (The Tethered Citadel Book 2)

World's Edge (The Tethered Citadel Book 2)

Renegade sorcerer Raythe Vyre went off the edge of the map, seeking riches and redemption . . .but he has found the impossible: a vanished civilisation - and the threat of eternal damnation!

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