Along with a crow named Bongo and other animals who seek refuge in Red's hollows, this wishtree watches over the neighbourhood. You might say Red has seen it all. Until a new family moves in.

Not everyone is welcoming, and Red's experience as a wishtree is more important than ever. Funny, deep, warm, and nuanced, this is Katherine Applegate at her very best - writing from the heart, and from a completely unexpected point of view.

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ISBN/EAN 9781801300704
Author Katherine Applegate
Publisher Welbeck Publishing Group
Publication date 21 Jul 2022
Format Paperback
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Katherine Applegate

Trees can't tell jokes, but they can certainly tell stories... Red is an oak tree who is many rings old. Red is the neighbourhood wishtree - people write their wishes on pieces of cloth and tie them to Red's branches.

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