Rivers and lakes are the arteries and beating heart of Ireland. To our ancestors these wetlands were their highways, providing valuable sources of food including fish and wildfowl as well as vital materials such as reeds for thatching and willows for basket-making. Today they supply us with drinking water and cleanse our waste, their energy is harnessed to provide power, they are vital habitats for many freshwater species, and they are treasured places for tranquillity and recreation.

Beginning with the Avonmore River system which flows through some of the most picturesque parts of Co. Wicklow, Wild Waters reveals the magic of Ireland’s rivers and lakes and contemplates the consequences for them as the rapid deterioration of our natural environment continues.

Praise for previous books in this trilogy, Wild Woods and Wild Shores:

‘His description moves me. An engaging and ambitious new book,’ Michael Viney, The Irish Times.

‘This new book exploring our coastline can take us into places we would never have the time (or sea legs) to reach,’ Catherine Cleary, The Irish Times.

'A brilliant and timely odyssey around our precious, precarious shores,' Professor John Brannigan, College of Arts and Humanities, University College Dublin.

‘An exhilarating journey right around our coastline, melding a lifetime’s conservation research with rich personal experience, enriched by a broad repertoire of historical and literary references, especially the work of Robert Lloyd Praeger, ’ Paddy Woodworth, Journalist and author.

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ISBN/EAN 9780717197576
Author Richard Nairn
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 27 Apr 2023
Format Paperback
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Wild Waters: The Magic of Ireland’s Rivers and Lakes

Here, in a unique mix of nature, history and personal experience, ecologist Richard Nairn explores and celebrates the rivers and lakes of Ireland.

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