The town of Rossmore is a special place, full of character and charm. Nestled beside the Whitethorn Woods, the town has grown since the days when it was small and friendly and everyone knew everyone else.

But it still has the woods, with the well dedicated to St Ann, where generations have come to pray or make wishes or just to look back at the pretty little town. Which is why there is going to be such a fuss about the plans for the new road, cutting through Whitethorn Woods.

The people of Rossmore are divided. No one is more concerned than the curate, Father Brian Flynn, who has no idea which faction to support. Surely Neddy Nolan's family should take the compensation being offered for their land But wasn't Neddy's mother given a cure at the well many years ago And what about the childless London woman who came to Whitethorn Woods begging the saint for help, with unexpected consequences

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ISBN 9780752881478
Author Maeve Binchy
Publisher Orion Publishing Group
Imprint Orion
Publication date 20 Jul 2006
Format Paperback
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Whitethorn Woods

The people of Rossmore, each with their own story, wait for the great road of progress...

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