In 'Stones' a little bear builds a tower, only to see it come crashing down, but that's okay - it's the chance to start again and dream a new dream.

In 'Sparks' they realise that they don't have to be good at everything all at once - they just have to begin. In 'Stars' they discover that hope is always there if they're brave enough to look for it. Beautifully and thoughtfully illustrated, this is a book of wisdom for someone to carry close to their heart, wherever life's journey might take them.

· A wonderful gift for someone you love, whether that's a child celebrating their graduation or a friend going through a difficult time · Stunning hardback with foil on the cover · Adorable animal characters bring these pearls of wisdom to life · 8 stories featuring the following themes: love, trying again when at first you don't succeed, having the courage to begin, slowing down and appreciating quieter moments, opening your heart to new experiences, choosing friends that let you be you, knowing that hope can always be found and discovering magic in everyday life · Includes a letter from the author at the beginning

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ISBN 9781915569479
Author Birgitta Sif
Publisher Magic Cat
Publication date 29 Aug 2024
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:Wherever You Go, My Love Will Follow : 8 Stories of Love and Wisdom

Wherever You Go, My Love Will Follow : 8 Stories of Love and Wisdom

A beautiful anthology of 8 stories, written as letters of love, for a special person in your life. This is a stunning, heartfelt collection of short stories told as letters from a parent to a child, encompassing the life lessons they want them to take out into the world. 

PUBLISHING: 29 Aug 2024