Mummy Penguin is off to find a fishy dinner for her family. She has to swim very fast, climb a slippery cliff - cu-crunch, cu-crunch, cu-crunch - and even tiptoe past some sleeping seals...

Shh! All the while, Little Penguin looks on in awe and says: "Well done, Mummy Penguin!"The icy - and treacherous! - Antarctic landscapes are breathtaking in this funny and exciting celebration of all that mothers do, and all that mothers are.

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ISBN/EAN 9781406385533
Author Chris Haughton
Publisher Walker Books
Publication date 6 Oct 2022
Format Hardback
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Well Done, Mummy Penguin (Hardback)

From Chris Haughton comes a funny, suspenseful celebration of mothers set against an atmospheric Antarctic backdrop. 

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