Web of Lies: The lure and danger of conspiracy theories

Aoife Gallagher
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Web of Lies is a fascinating and far-reaching examination of the rising threat of far-right extremist thought in Ireland and internationally, and looks at how these movements utilise the online world to spread disinformation, polarising society in the process.

From the Illuminati to the Red Scare, Save the Children to QAnon, research analyst Aoife Gallagher shows that there are many pathways to radicalisation – most of them benign and unassuming – and demonstrates that we are all susceptible to conspiratorial thinking and at risk of falling down the rabbit hole.

In an accessible and entertaining style, Web of Lies presents a history of conspiracy theories and their roots in anti-Semitism, xenophobia and white supremacy; the role social media plays in spreading these theories; how they can proliferate during times of crises; and what we can do to protect ourselves and others from falling victim to these messages.

'Ever wondered how good people get trapped in their worst nightmares? Web of Lies is an unforgettable journey through the upside-down world of conspiratorial thinking. Aoife Gallagher has written the definitive account of how global lies have changed Irish lives, in a book full of personal empathy, unrivalled expertise and captivating storytelling. It shines a light on the real-world harm of our darkest online fantasies and it shows how each of us can fight back.' Mark Little

'At a time of fractious discord in discourse, Gallagher provides a vital context to and education in the strange and alarming world of conspiracy theories. Anyone interested in truth and facts should read this book.'  Una Mullally

'Aoife Gallagher can plumb the depths of the internet and come up to the surface to explain what she’s found with levity, empathy and humour. Wise without lecturing; sharp but always maintaining compassion for those caught up in misinformation. A fantastic global overview of trends while having one eye on how these things have come to Ireland.'  Brianna Parkins

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ISBN/EAN 9780717195121
Author Aoife Gallagher
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 6 Oct 2022
Format Paperback
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