The mountains and spectacular coastline of County Waterford are rich in traditional stories. Even in the modern world, old legends dating as far back as the days of the ancient Gaelic tribes, the carvers of the ogham stones, retain their power and resonance, and in this book they are gathered together in a collection of tales from across the county.

Included are the tales of the legendary figures of Aoife and Strongbow, St Declan and the three river goddesses, together with stories of some of the less well-known characters such as Petticoat Loose, whose ghost is said to still roam the county, and the Republican Pig, who was unfortunate enough to become caught up in the siege of Waterford.

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ISBN/EAN 9781845887575
Author Anne Farrell
Publisher History Press
Publication date 13 Feb 2013
Format Paperback
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Waterford Folk Tales

In this vivid journey through Waterfords folklore, local storyteller Anne Farrell takes the reader to a place where legend and landscape intertwine.

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