Raw, candid and courageous, Watching the Door documents the deeds of loyalist gangs, provos, paratroopers, politicians, British agents and an indomitable citizenry, forming a remarkable double portrait of a divided society and an emergent self - a witness to humanity, and inhumanity, on both sides of a sectarian faultline.

In his wonderfully vivid, trenchant, first-hand account of life on the streets of Belfast during the height of the Troubles, a young Kevin Myers witnesses the blood fueds and chaos of a people on the brink of civil war.

His descriptions of violence, counter-violence and emotional free-fall, combine humour with reflection, eros with thanatos; they render history in the making. By interweaving the political and the personal in a tale at once self-deprecating, poignant and sexually buoyant, Watching the Door is a coming-of-age story like no other.

It is evocative and passionate, and it records a pivotal time in Ireland's recent past, blending articulacy with savage indignation in a classic of modern reportage.

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ISBN/EAN 9781843510857
Author Kevin Myers
Publisher Lilliput Press
Publication date 1 Jan 2006
Format Hardback
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Watching the Door: A Memoir 1971-1978

Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers, as a young reporter sent to Northern Ireland, gives a graphic account of the lives of all the participants during the terrible Troubles of the seventies. A strikingly frank and gripping personal memoir.

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