Draws on a wide range of research and good practice and on case studies and interviews to provide easy-to-follow guidelines for genuine, lasting success in selling. When training salespeople became part of Hilary Kenny’s role as a training manager, she looked for a good book on selling. She found little or no material published in Ireland for Irish audiences – lots of US books, some UK books, but nothing specifically Irish. When she trains people who sell services and products for business, she sees how instinctive much of what they do is but the research is clear about what works, and much of the instinctive stuff simply doesn’t.

Selling is a skill as well as an art. Skills can be learned – and perfected – but salespeople need to start with the customer in mind and not their own wonderful product or service. This moves salespeople from mechanical ‘always be closing’ mode to thinking about the real interests and priorities of companies and individuals and seeing themselves as partners in finding long-term solutions.

In Understanding the Customer: The Art of Selling, Hilary draws on a wide range of research and good practice, and on interviews and case studies from some of the top business people in Ireland, to provide easy-to-follow guidelines for success in selling.

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ISBN 9781907535062
Author Hilary Kenny
Publisher Londubh Books
Publication date 20 Jun 2010
Format Paperback
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Understanding The Customer: The Art of Selling

Hilary Kenny
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An Irish guide for success in selling. 'Clear, practical and helpful: essential for anyone in the business of selling.' Jerry Kennelly, Entrpreneur

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