Trees are fascinating: The oldest living organism on Earth is a tree, and forest biomes cover one-third of the Earth's surface. Trees provide fruit, spices, nuts, timber, shade, habitats, and oxygen, as well as absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They can tap into fungal networks in the soil to care for each other by trading water and nutrients and to warn one another of drought and disease.

In Trees: An Illustrated Celebration, celebrated artist and author Kelsey Oseid shows us just how vital trees are to the health and beauty of our planet. Her striking naturalistic art is accompanied by fun scientific facts: Some trees have thinner root hairs than human hairs; tree rings provide important information on supernovae and climate change; and you can identify many trees from their leaf shape alone. The world's most stunning, strange, and noteworthy trees--from mangroves and redwoods to baobabs and dragon trees--come to life in Oseid's elegant and playful style.

Filled with captivating information and vivid, colorful illustrations, Trees: An Illustrated Celebration will delight and inspire nature lovers of all ages.

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ISBN/EAN 9781984859419
Author Potter
Publisher Potter
Imprint Ten Speed Press
Publication date 7 Mar 2023
Format Hardback
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Trees : An Illustrated Celebration

Discover the wonder of trees--one of the most essential life forms on the planet--in this beautifully illustrated, entertaining, and educational guide from the acclaimed author of What We See in the Stars.

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