In the final book of this series, author Guy Kettelhack offers moving and triumphant stories of individuals in their third year of sobriety.

Through these stories, Kettelhack brings alive the ongoing process of building self-esteem and explores what this process means at this point in recovery--"turning it over" to a Higher Power, doing service, developing an increasingly positive attitude toward health, relationships, and family, and creating a new definition of success in sobriety. "We begin to discover," writes Kettelhack, "the greatest adventure sobriety offers us: discovering who we are and what we have the capacity to become." Guy Kettelhack has written seven books on recovery.

He is completing a Master's degree in psychoanalysis, and is an analyst-in-training at the Boston and New York Centers for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. A graduate of Middlebury College, Kettelhack has also done graduate work in English literature at Bread Loaf School of English at Oxford University. He lives in New York City.

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ISBN/EAN 9781568382326
Author Guy Kettelhack
Publisher Hazelden
Publication date 15 Sep 1998
Format Paperback
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Third-year Sobriety

The third in a series of three recovery guides for the first three years of sobriety.

Drug & substance abuse: social aspects,

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