A magical picture book featuring a very special unicorn, specially designed to help children settle down for bedtime. Do you ever have trouble dropping off to sleep? Is your head all busy? Does your duvet feel itchy? Well, don't worry, because the Yawnicorn is here to help!Yawnicorn knows when you can't get to sleep, and he's about to sweep you away on a magical nighttime adventure through rainforests, oceans and across the starry skies before bringing you home, nicely worn out and ready to fall into a happy, deep slumber.

Get ready to join the Yawnicorn on an adventure you'll never forget! From the much-loved illustrator of The World Made a Rainbow.

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ISBN/EAN 9781526649027
Author Emily Hamilton
Publisher Bloomsbury Children
Imprint Bloomsbury Children
Publication date 8 Jun 2023
Format Paperback
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The Yawnicorn

This magical, soothing and reassuring story is perfect for anyone who has ever felt anxious or found it hard to get to sleep - perfect for bedtime, night after night.

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