Maggie is newly qualified, full of self-doubt and trying desperately to pretend that the dark tragedy in her past never happened. When a client, remarkably like her younger self, arrives for therapy, her carefully constructed defences are put to the test. Add in a second client with a possibly violent past, then a third preparing to face his childhood abuser in court and the stage is set for Maggie's emotional barricades to be well and truly breached.

L J Jenner, a psychotherapist for 15 years, blends fiction and fact in this captivating story of identity, loss, grief and healing. Challenging themes are handled with delicate compassion, enabling The Wrong Story to deliver an intensely emotional but nonetheless enthralling experience. Readers are given a rare insight into what happens behind the closed doors of the therapy room and, crucially, into what goes on inside a therapist's head.

The clients may be fictional, but the psychological theory and science are both real and astonishing.

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ISBN/EAN 9781803781105
Author L J Jenner
Publisher Cranthorpe Millner
Publication date 23 May 2023
Format Paperback
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The Wrong Story

Who are you without your story? And what do you do when someone steals yours? How do you know that the stories you tell yourself, about yourself, are true? Where do they come from? What if they are actually based on distorted memories? 

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