This book tells their stories from recruitment, through training, to their experiences on the battlefields of the war, detailing how they lived and showing how they died. The book focuses on the human element of the war, and explores servicemen's and women's reaction to loss, isolation from home, and their experience and opinions of the War. While individual experience is central to the book, it is set within the wider context of the service and the military experiences of the various Irish regiments of the British Army.

So that the individual and collective stories of the war can be fully understood, the book also provides a general introduction to World War One, and creates a framework for the understanding of the original material presented. It also introduces a general readership to the latest developments in the historiography of World War One, including issues such as the rehabilitation of Haig, overall British strategy, and the latest works showing a considerable degree of innovation in British tactics during the last years of the War.

This is the human story at the heart of a war that cost the lives of 35,000 Irish men and women.

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ISBN 9780717147861
Author William Sheehan
Publisher Gill Books
Publication date 20 Dec 2011
Format Hardback
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You're reviewing:The Western Front: Irish Voices from the Great war (Hardback)

The Western Front: Irish Voices from the Great war (Hardback)

This book concentrates on the personal stories of Irish soldiers in World War One, chronicling the experiences of Irish officers and soldiers who served on the Western Front during the war.

2011 1st Edition Hardback


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