The Weight of Compassion is a series of essays written over a twenty five year period. "There are many facets to Samuel Beckett's writing - humour, despair, love, poignancy, suffering - but for me there is one dominant characteristic, compassion, compassion for the human condition of existence.

" Eoin O'Brien's title essay begins with this observation that stands for the collection as it broadens out into convergent streams of essays on literature and medicine. Part One focuses on the nature of friendship and connectivity, on the role of the 'good doctor' and the sentient individual in society.

Intimate portraits of literary Dublin in the twentieth century and earlier, Samuel Beckett, Con Leventhal, Nevill Johnson, Denis Johnston, Micheál MacLiammoir and Petr Skrabanek; Corrigan, Gogarty and Korotkoff, Chekov and Handel, speak of exemplars past and values present, as the influence of the arts is inscribed on a doctor's life and work.

The Beckett essays alone yield remarkable commentary on Ireland's greatest early modernist, and include a little-known account of the Irish Hospital at Saint-Lo in Normandy, where Beckett worked as a storekeeper in a poignant drama of 'humanity in ruins' that informed his subsequent work. 'The Corruption of Privilege', addressed in Part Two, looks incisively at the practice and history of the author's profession within Ireland and elsewhere; at medical education and the medical establishment; at medical journalism, humanitarian involvement, and at broader issues - landmines in the Third World and the plight of colleagues in Bahrain.

Invaluable archival images of, among others, Samuel Beckett, Con Leventhal and Nevill Johnson (each a personal friend of the author's), underpin the writings of this chronicler and observer of Ireland's recent past.

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ISBN/EAN 9781843513889
Author Eoin O'Brien
Publisher Lilliput Press
Publication date 1 Dec 2012
Format Hardback
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The Weight of Compassion and other essays

’These essays are a pure joy; a delight to read, important, eclectic, valuable, provoking and often funny.’ So said Michael Colgan, Artistic Director of the Gate Theatre at the launch of The Weight of Compassion.

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