He didn't mind how he looked to other people, because the nursery magic had made him Real, and when you are Real shabbiness doesn't matter. In the nursery, only the toys that are old and wise truly understand what it means to be Real. The Velveteen Rabbit, a newcomer to the nursery, asks one of the most knowledgeable toys, the Skin Horse, what being Real means.

And so begins the Velveteen Rabbit’s journey towards becoming real – through the love of a child . . . Margery Williams’ timeless picture book classic has been read and cherished by many generations of children and their parents and is now available in this beautiful hardback edition. 

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ISBN/EAN 9781405285346
Author Margery Williams
Publisher Egmont
Publication date 9 Feb 2017
Format Hardback
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The Velveteen Rabbit (New Edition)

Margery Williams

Brought to life by gorgeous and much-loved classic illustrations by William Nicholson, with a new foiled cover design, this is a wonderful keepsake gift to treasure and share.

Egmont, 2017. Hardback with dust jacket. Book Condition: New and in mint condition. Margery Williams (author) and William Nicholson (illustrator).
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