This book originally written by Séamas Mac an Iomaire and translated into English by Padraic de Bhaldraithe presents a wonderful description of marine life as observed by the people who made a living from the sea. Seamas Mac an Iomaire combines his own acute observations of nature with the rich maritime traditions and customs of the people of Maínis providing an uplifting and original account of the sea life of the Irish Atlantic coast.

The clarity and charm of his writing, so faithfully translated in this book, will appeal to a wide variety of readers, including naturalists, environmentalist and social historians, but most of all to anyone fortunate enough to spend time walking and boating along the Connemara coast. The book is further enriched by the striking original illustrations of Sabine Springer.

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ISBN/EAN 9781873821145
Author Seamas Mac an Iomaire
Publisher Tireolas Publishers
Publication date 24 Jun 2006
Format Paperback with flaps
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The Shores of Connemara

Seamas Mac an Iomaire

In The Shores of Connemara, Séamas Mac an Iomaire describes the wonders, customs and traditions of the people who lived off the sea along the Shores of Connemara.

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